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DeepMind 12D by Behringer – Review and Demo

DeepMind 12D – Review and Demo by Sean Divine

I’ll start this review by saying that I’ve owned many digital rack mount synths over the years: MS2000B, Virus B, Nord Lead 2X, Radias, JP8080 to name a few. Alas, none of these synths has resided in my studio for long. I’ve always felt like the inconveniences ...

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Divine Tracks Song Contest (2017)

We’re giving away professional studio gear from Rode Microphones, production and mixing software from Toontrack, Leases from Divine Tracks and a chance to be interviewed on the front page of Divine Tracks for a month! Check the video below for details…

Submit your song before May 5th, 2017! Can’t wait to hear your entries 🙂

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Rode K2 Tube Mic Test and Review

Rode K2 Valve Condenser (Tube) Microphone Demo

Check out our review and demo of the Rode K2 Valve Condenser Microphone! For this demo, we recorded a smooth Hip Hop / R&B style song in a lightly treated, large space. No external effects were used – dry signal from the K2 power supply, RME UFX preamp (no ...

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NAMM 2016 Preview

It’s that time of year again – artists, musicians and the companies that create our favorite tools come in droves to Anaheim, CA for the biggest music conference on the planet! Every year, there are tons of new product announcements and innovations introduced exclusively at the event. There’s always a few standouts. Here’s some highlights ...

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Audio Interface. The Most Important Studio Purchase.

So, you’re a producer or recording artist. After a while, you decide your sound quality isn’t up to par or you’re just not happy with the final takes. You convince yourself you need a new microphone. Maybe it’s time to switch to a different DAW. Or perhaps it’s time to shell out $3000 for a ...

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Choosing the Best Studio Monitors

There are many different factors that will lead you to making the right decision when choosing the best studio monitors for your music making needs. There’s a lot of options out there and many debates on what is the ideal setup. Ultimately, it will come down to your specific needs as well as subjective situations. ...

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Rode NT1 Mic Test and Demo (Hip Hop Vocals)

Check out this mic test with the Rode NT1 condenser microphone, recorded in an untreated acoustic environment! Our signal chain for vocals was Rode NT1 -> mBox 2 Mini -> Logic Pro. No external compression or FX used. Just a simple mix post recording, all done in Logic Pro.

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