Top 10 Next Level Instrument Plugins For Producers

1. Izotope – VocalSynth 2

In a market full of “novelty” vocoder plugins, VocalSynth 2 stands out with it’s futuristic vocal shaping abilities, a user-friendly interface and musical tone. With a wealth of modern and classic style vocoding options, throat modeling, pitch correction and a modular fx section, this one is sure to spark new ideas …

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Logic Pro X Compressor Explained

Logic Pro X Compressor and Compression Types

The compressor is arguably the most important plugin when mixing vocals (and also one of the toughest to get the hang of). Thankfully, Logic Pro X includes one of the best stock compression plugins around and it’s extremely versatile for many different tasks.

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Objeq Delay – Acoustic Filter and Delay Plugin

Excited to share the recent release of the Objeq Delay acoustic filter and delay plug-in by Applied Acoustic Systems!

I was fortunate enough to use this plugin during the development cycle and it truly does sound fantastic. At first, I wondered why I would need another delay plugin in my toolbox but quickly found out that …

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Hip Hop Mastering With Stock Plugins

In this video, I’ll show you a few of the included plugins in Logic Pro X that can be used for Hip Hop Mastering. These processes will familiarize you with some of the basic concepts essential for mastering: EQ, Compression, Stereo Width, Limiting and Metering.

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Top 10 Mixing Plugins – The Essential List

1. Fabfilter – Pro-C

The Pro-C by FabFilter is the most versatile software compressor I’ve come across in almost a decade of mixing. I find it to be extremely quick and intuitive to dial in a great sound, which is helped by the visual indicators and sharp interface we’ve come to expect from FabFilter.

2. Mathew Lane …

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