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Mixing and Mastering by Sean Divine

The art of mixing and mastering has fascinated and excited me since I first became interested in music. I deeply understand how these creative and technical processes affect the way your music is heard and felt. For over 10 years, I’ve been focused on achieving mixes that are of the highest standards; meticulously balanced, impactful, translatable to all listening environments and most importantly, complementary to your song. I know what it’s like to spend countless hours, days, possibly months writing and producing a new track – these final and essential processes will ensure your music is heard in the best light possible.

Mixing and Mastering Work

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Essential Processes Explained


Having mixed over 500 commercially released tracks ensures that your sounds are balanced and blended with precision. Your session will be monitored on a number of different playback systems with state-of-the-art AD/DA converters to ensure consistency on audiophile-grade studio monitors, professional headphones and consumer level speakers.


Compression is an advanced technique that can take years to master. Careful use of compression will ensure your vocals and instruments have optimal dynamics and are easily heard on any playback system.



Equalization is a powerful method to enhance your tracks giving them presence, body and color. Through use of professional EQ, the frequency spectrum of your tracks are precisely tuned and blended into the rest of the arrangement.

 Creative Effects

With experience as a multi-faceted producer and sound designer, your sessions are brought to life by creative effects processing, technical editing and post-production.

 Reverb & Delay

Use of the world’s top reverberation algorithms and delays adds depth, width and a sense of space to your instruments and vocals.


In today’s music industry, it’s essential that your mix volume competes with other commercially released tracks. You also want the songs on your album or EP to have a cohesive and balanced sound as a body of work. Sean ensures your final masters are refined and ready for release on your preferred platform, adhering to new audio measurements like Mastered for iTunes and other streaming standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved in mixing?

Costs vary depending on a number of factors including:

– # of sessions to be mixed
– # of audio tracks in session
– Need for pitch correction / tuning
– Need for radio / clean edits
– Need for drum replacement
– Need for a performance version

What files will I receive following completion?

Final prints are the finished versions of the mix / master ready for release.

Instrumental Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3
Acapella Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3
Master Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3

Master Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3

Note: these file formats are intended for audio distribution through CD, digital streaming, radio, etc. If your final product requires a different format (48K WAV, FLAC, etc.) we can deliver final prints in the desired format.

How do I send you my session / audio files?
You will be provided with a link and instructions to upload your files.
Can I request changes after receiving the mix / master?
Yes. You will receive a “draft print” in MP3 format for review of the mix / master. You may then request (2) rounds of revisions prior to preparation and delivery of “final prints”, if desired.
How long will the final files be available?
Your masters and final prints are stored and readily available to you at any time.

Client Testimonials

It is truly a privilege for me to work with Sean. I literally get excited every time a mix comes back from him. My team and I completely trust his ears and his instincts. Sean is efficient and committed, a total professional in every way, giving great consistent service from start to finish. His attention to detail is impeccable and the experience you have with him is truly rare. He actually cares about your mix and takes your track seriously. He listens to what you want but is also not scared to add little tweaks to your song, not only to make it better but appealing & pleasing to the ear. He has a knack for giving his clients exactly what they want and giving each mix a genuine sound that stays true to each artist. I am always amazed at the clarity he gives my records.

Tampa, Florida

Having worked on many projects with Sean, I can first hand say there’s no engineer in the industry that pays as much attention to detail and pride in his work as Sean does. I’ve personally worked along side Sean at Westlake recording studio in LA and his professionalism and approach to each project is unmatched. Still to this day I continue to use and will always use Sean as my main go to guy whenever I need a project mixed. He gives life to the instruments, excitement to the vocals and the polish in the detail of the mix. Any artist that wants to stand out and be ahead of the game, I recommend you take the time and invest in having your project mixed by Sean, it will be the smartest move you will ever make for your art.

Shane H.
Doonside, Australia

Sean Divine is a very talented producer and engineer. Sean mixed my full mixtape Resilient, my two singles Young & Invincible and newest record Tonight Will Live Forever. It’s great to work with someone who knows their craft & does excellent work. I look forward to working more in the future with Sean Divine.

Moses S. 
Los Angeles, California

This album, I decided to call on Sean Divine to mix a couple of tracks and to master the entire album. I think when you hear the final product, then you will agree with me that I made the right decision! Thanks Sean for playing such a large role in the making of this album!

John G.
Lucedale, Mississippi

Sean Divine gave my track the professional feel that I was looking for. The mixing and mastering service was incredibly easy to use. I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process. Sean took the time to cater to my individual needs to insure that the end result was something I was 100% happy with. I look forward to working with Sean Divine very soon on my upcoming projects.

Michael H.
Livonia, Michigan

If it’s assured professional industry-standard quality in those mixing/and or mastering services that you’re looking for, I’ve come across absolutely no other engineer more reliable than Sean Divine in my time as an independent recording artist. A producer that you can trust in to care about the outcome of your final product, just as much as you do.

Joshua N.
Sydney, Australia

Sean Divine is one of the only people I trust behind my music. I have had a lot comments about how great the quality of my music is and I owe all the credit to Sean. I always get my mixes back fast and even if there is something I need changed different it’s never been a problem. Go with Sean Divine!

Andrew M.
Loveland, Colorado

Got my first single mastered by SD and it was an instant hit. I always believed in trying do things on my own but when I heard the difference, I turned into a regular client. He has a great ear for the HipHop genre and that’s what gives him my ten points. Highly recommend SD Productions for anyone wanting golden mixes and masters for a reasonable price.

New Delhi, India

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