Logic Pro X Compressor Explained

Logic Pro X Compressor and Compression Types

The compressor is arguably the most important plugin when mixing vocals (and also one of the toughest to get the hang of). Thankfully, Logic Pro X includes one of the best stock compression plugins around and it’s extremely versatile for many different tasks.

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Vintage Groove Templates (Free Download)

Vintage Groove Templates – Custom Quantize for Logic Pro X

Are you tired of the gridlocked, boring quantize feel in Logic Pro? I’ve compiled a template that contains quantize settings based on some of the best feeling drum machines in the world: the MPC3000, SP-1200 and ASR-10.

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Divine Mixing S2 Now Available

Introducing an all new R&B mixing and mastering training course, Divine Mixing S2! Many months in the making, this 21 video series will teach you every aspect of the process with over 2 hours and 20 minutes of easy to follow content.

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