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Subscriber Q&A (2020)

Q: Who is Sean Divine and how did you get started in music?
A: I’m a music producer, audio engineer and sound designer from North Carolina. I learned to play drums at a young age and that developed into a life-long passion and curiosity for the process of creating music.
Q: What was your first experience in music production?
A: I became fascinated with hip hop and dance music production in the late 90’s. Through trial and error, I learned to use Digital Audio Workstations and program synthesizers. I passed out beat CD’s and DJ mixes in school, with hopes to find others with similar musical interests. I later created a page on Soundclick.com to post my early production work – that allowed me to connect with many talented artists, producers and songwriters from around the world. Eventually, I was being contacted by major recording labels and traveling to studios all over to produce full-time.
Q: How did you get into mixing and mastering as a profession?
A: When I first started producing, unless you were part of a small circle in the music industry, mixing and mastering were very mysterious processes. The artists I was working with were looking for the next level sound that separated “major” label releases. I’d always been intrigued by those distinctions sonically (even as a kid listening to my favorite albums). Out of necessity, I began mixing and mastering for many of the artists I was producing. As those projects gained exposure and my mixing experience grew, that led to being hired more consistently as an engineer.
Q: You have professional experience in a wide range of studio work (including composition, songwriting, recording, production, mixing, mastering and sound design). What is your favorite area of audio / music to work on?
A: Even though the technical approach is different, they’re all creative processes. Having a wide range of experience in different studio roles has helped to keep my perspective fresh throughout the years. The processes inform one another and I appreciate each of them.
Q: When did you decide to start sharing tutorials & educational content?
A: It was around 2015, although I made many failed attempts to record them before then. I posted a hip hop mixing tutorial on my YouTube channel. Given the lack of mixing resources available online and all the frustrations I had with it early on, I thought maybe someone could get something useful from it. The initial response was encouraging and there were comments saying it was helpful, so I just kept on making them.
Q: You also write and produce your own songs. How different is that from producing for other artists?
A: It’s very different. I’ve been blessed to work with talented artists who encourage my input creatively. At the end of the day, it’s their creative vision and my focus is simply to help them achieve that to the best of my abilities. Working with artists is such a fun process and I love the collaborative aspect – writing my own songs, there’s a lot of creative freedom there and it allows me to challenge myself in different ways.
Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?
A: I simply hope to continue empowering artists, sharing what I learn and helping as many as I can to realize their creative potential.

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