Plugin Requirements

Third-party plugins listed below are required to load templates / presets / sounds and are not included.

DAW Mixing Templates
Template One (link) – Stock Plugins Only

Waves Template (link) – Waves Gold + Waves SSL4000

Mixing & Mastering Presets
Drum Chains (link) – Waves Gold

Mastering Chains (link) – Waves Gold

Vocal Chains V1 (link) – Waves Gold

Vocal Chains V2 (link) – Waves Gold + Waves SSL4000

Vocal Chains V3 (link) – Waves Platinum + Waves SSL4000 + Waves Tune Real-Time

Vocal Chains LE (link) – Stock Plugins Only

Synthesizer Presets + Samples
8oh!8 (link) – Xfer Records Serum

Urban Dreamscapes (link) – Xfer Records Serum

The Niche Kit (link) – .WAV format (all samplers)

Please refer to product pages for DAW compatibility.
If you have any other questions about compatibility with your setup, please contact me before purchasing.