Plugin Requirements

Third-party plugins listed below are required to load templates / presets / sounds and are not included.

DAW Mixing Templates
Template One (link) – Stock Plugins Only

Waves Template (link) – Waves Gold + Waves SSL4000

Mixing & Mastering Presets
Drum Chains (link) – Waves Gold

Mastering Chains (link) – Waves Gold

Vocal Chains V1 (link) – Waves Gold

Vocal Chains V2 (link) – Waves Gold + Waves SSL4000

Vocal Chains V3 (link) – Waves Platinum + Waves SSL4000 + Waves Tune Real-Time

Vocal Chains LE (link) – Stock Plugins Only

Synthesizer Presets + Samples
8oh!8 (link) – Xfer Records Serum

Urban Dreamscapes (link) – Xfer Records Serum

The Niche Kit (link) – .WAV format (all samplers)

Please refer to product pages for DAW compatibility.
If you have any other questions about compatibility with your setup, please contact me before purchasing.

StudioRack Users: Waves V11 plugins are not currently working inside StudioRack. Please refer to this page for more information before updating to Waves V11. All Chains preset products include Channel Strip Settings (Logic Pro X), Track Presets (Cubase) and Individual Plugin Settings (All DAWs) which do not require StudioRack.