Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains LE

World-Class Vocals Powered by Logic Pro

Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains LE is a collection of all-new vocal presets designed for Logic Pro, delivering next-level vocal processing with maximum efficiency and accessibility in your sessions. Utilizing a wide selection of powerful and unique stock plugins, Vocal Chains LE provides professionally mixed tones for recording artists and engineers with no third-party plugins required. Simply load up the latest version of Logic Pro* and instantly load precisely mixed vocal tones with the click of your mouse.

Leads, Background Vocals, Sends & FX

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains LE (Stock Plugins)

25 Exclusive Vocal Chains – All Genres

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains LE (Lead, BGV, Sends, FX)

Effects Processing Includes
Multiband Compression Vintage EQ Reverb Delay Saturation Vocal Widening Preamp Emulation Creative FX Vintage Drive Adaptive Limiting Advanced De-Essing Chorusing Doubling Filtering Pitch Shifting Noise Gating Loudness Metering (LUFS) And Much More
Product Details

Vocal Style: Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul, Rock, EDM
No Third-Party Plugins Required
DAW Compatibility: Logic Pro (10.4.5 or higher)*
Download Size: 23MB
Download Format: Logic Pro – Channel Strip Settings (.cst)
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