Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains Ultimate

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The Gold Standard in Vocal Presets for Waves Plugins

Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains Ultimate is a collection of 30 38 all-new vocal chains, designed to inspire your best performances and deliver next-level vocals in seconds. Powered by an ever-growing arsenal of the latest and greatest Waves plugins, these exclusive presets are precisely dialed in with versatile tones proven to shine in any genre.

Limitless Customization
Vocal Chains Ultimate - Waves StudioRack Macros
Powered by 70+ Waves Plugins
Vocal Chains Ultimate - Waves Plugins
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Vocal Chains Ultimate owners receive FREE updates. Download exclusive new Vocal Chains, utilizing the latest Waves plugins as they’re released. Existing Owners: Download the latest version from Your Account.

1.65 Update (6.24.24) – Full Compatibility with Waves V15 Plugins
1.5 Update (6.12.24) – Ultimate SM7B Vocal Chain
1.4 Update (6.5.24) – DivineTracking2024 Vocal Chain
1.3 Update (4.15.24) – 7th Harmony Vocal Chain
1.2 Update (1.24.24) – Wide Space Ride Vocal Chain
1.1 Update (11.24.23) – Magma Silk Rap Vocal Chain

➕ Product Features
8 Unique Macros Per Preset Harmony Layering Real-Time Pitch Correction Low Latency LIVE Tracking “Ducking” Reverb + Delay Room Acoustic Removal Tube Saturation Parallel Compression Dynamic and Passive EQ Formant Shifting Tape Emulation Noise Suppression Low Latency Maximization Multiband Compression Spring & Convolution Reverb Advanced De-Essing Doubling Chorusing Creative FX And Much More
➕ Product Details
# of Presets: 37
Vocal Style: Rap, R&B / Soul, Pop, Rock, EDM, Dancehall
Preset Categories: Lead, Background, Sends (Aux FX)
Plugins Required (Not Included)*: Waves Ultimate or Waves Mercury | Full Plugin List
DAW Compatibility: Most Native DAWs
Download Size: 47MB
Download Format: Waves StudioVerse Audio Effects / StudioRack Preset (.xps), Installation Videos (.mp4)
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Regular Price $29.00

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