Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains V2

Introducing Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains V2
The World’s Most Powerful Vocal Presets

Update 1.2
Now includes channel strip settings + track presets for Logic Pro X and Cubase Pro users.×

Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains V2 is an exclusive collection of world-class vocal presets compatible with all major DAWs. Paired with the versatile and free Studio Rack utility plugin, artists and engineers can now access professionally mixed vocal tones at the click of a mouse in the DAW of their choice.

Utilizing the legendary Waves Gold* + SSL 4000 plugins*, Divine Mixing – Vocal Chains V2 includes 25 exclusive new presets, covering a wide variety of vocal styles. This collection is packed with meticulously crafted settings for lead vocals, backgrounds, ad-libs, overdubs, FX and more. Take advantage of the 4 Quick Key Controls (unique to each preset) to easily customize the most important aspects of your vocal sound on the fly. Complete vocal chains are loaded using a single instance of the Studio Rack utility plugin for maximum power and efficiency.

Effects Processing Includes
Compression EQ De-Essing Reverb Delay Distortion Analog Emulation Multiband Compression Stereo Width Noise Gating Doubling Limiting Filtering Modulation Creative Effects Amp Simulation Saturation And Much More
This collection uses the free Waves Studio Rack utility plugin to load complete vocal chains and provides 4 uniquely programmed “Quick Key” controls for each preset. Easily customize specific plugin parameters such as compression intensity, brightness, reverb depth, sibilance and much more with infinite customization.

Plugin Power: Waves Gold + SSL 4000

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains V2 for Waves Studio Rack (Screenshot)

Cross-Compatible with All Major DAWs

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains (Contents)

Product Info

Vocal Style: Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul, EDM
Plugins Required (Not Included)*: Waves Gold V9 / V10, Waves SSL 4000 V9 / V10, Waves Studio Rack
DAW Compatibility: All Major DAWs – Complete List
Download Size: 20MB
Download Format: Waves StudioRack Preset (.xps), Logic Pro X – Channel Strip Settings (.cst), Cubase Pro – Track Presets (.trackpreset)
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