Divine Mastering Chains


Introducing Divine Mastering Chains
Professional Mastering At Your Fingertips

Divine Mastering Chains is an exclusive collection of versatile mastering presets. These chains are carefully crafted to help finalize songs quickly, easily and with precision. In response to audio engineers seeking more control and creativity in the age of automated mastering, Divine Mastering Chains provides a simple yet powerful approach to stereo bus processing.

Divine Mastering Chains will help you:
Achieve commercial levels while retaining dynamics
Enhance and add excitement to flat mixes
Identify and tame problematic frequencies
Optimize the stereo field
Adhere to loudness standards like True Peak

Utilizing industry-standard Waves Gold* plugins, these never-before-released presets allow you to take advantage of Sean Divine’s trusted, proven master bus processing in the DAW of your choice.

Effects Processing Includes
True Peak Limiting Multiband Compression Tape Saturation Bass Enhancement Analog-style Processing EQ Real-Time Metering Harmonic Distortion De-Essing Stereo Width Low-Level Compression Dithering Phase Relationship Filtering Noise Shaping And Much More

This collection uses the free Waves Studio Rack utility plugin to load complete mastering chains and provides 4 uniquely programmed “Quick Key” controls for each preset. Easily customize specific plugin parameters such as limiter threshold (loudness), stereo width, bass enhancement, brightness and much more with infinite customization.

You Make the Final Decisions
Optimized Presets Guide Your Mastering Process

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains V2 for Waves Studio Rack (Screenshot)

Cross-Compatible with All Major DAWs
Powered by Waves Gold + Studio Rack*

Divine Mixing - Vocal Chains (Contents)

For best results, mix levels should not exceed -6dB True Peak.
Ensure that your final mixes include headroom before processing with Divine Mastering Chains.

Product Info

Style: Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, EDM, Acoustic & More
Plugins Required (Not Included)*: Waves Gold V9 / V10, Waves Studio Rack
DAW Compatibility: All Major DAWs – Complete List
Download Size: 20MB
Download Format: Waves StudioRack Preset (.xps), Logic Pro X – Channel Strip Settings (.cst), Cubase Pro – Track Presets (.trackpreset)
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