Vocal Tracking Template Design (Free Download)

Looking for an efficient and inspiring template for tracking your vocals? In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through building a vocal recording template from scratch. We’ll adjust settings and add all the essential plugins so you have the best starting point, setup for a fast workflow and professional results!

Download the Completed Logic Pro X Template

Installation: Logic Pro X (10.4+) required. After opening the session, you can save it as a template for future use by clicking “File: Save As Template…”

Complete Mixing Template
Logic Pro X, Cubase Pro and Pro Tools

Divine Mixing Template One - Click to Purchase

Divine Mixing Template One – Click to Purchase

18 Responses to “Vocal Tracking Template Design (Free Download)”

  1. i downloaded the vocal tracking template but the desser 2 is red flagged . not available i mean .. can anyone help? thnx

  2. John Farrell Reply

    thanks for making this really helped me hear my vocals when recording with my Sm7b and dbx286s

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