Logic Pro X Compressor Explained

Logic Pro X Compressor and Compression Types

The compressor is arguably the most important plugin when mixing vocals (and also one of the toughest to get the hang of). Thankfully, Logic Pro X includes one of the best stock compression plugins around and it’s extremely versatile for many different tasks. In this video, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of the Logic Pro X compressor, as well as the 7 different compression types that are modeled after analog hardware units.

Compressor Types & Models

Logic Pro X Compressor - Platinum Digital

Platinum Digital

Logic Pro X Compressor - Studio VCA

Studio VCA
Model: Focusrite RED

Logic Pro X Compressor - Studio FET

Studio FET
Model: 1176 Blackface

Logic Pro X Compressor - Classic VCA

Classic VCA
Model: DBX 160

Logic Pro X Compressor - Vintage VCA

Vintage VCA
Model: SSL Comp

Logic Pro X Compressor - Vintage FET

Vintage FET
Model: 1176 Bluestripe

Logic Pro X Compressor - Vintage OPTO

Vintage OPTO
Model: Teletronix LA-2A

Compressor Style Descriptions

Platinum Digital: Default setting. Modern tone, versatile.
Studio VCA: Subtle saturation. Nice vocal compressor.
Studio FET: Clean, light saturation. Smooth response for rap style vocals.
Classic VCA: Fast character with set attack / release times. Great for 808s and side chaining.
Vintage VCA: Clean. Aggressive saturation when overdriven. Use on drums and percussion tracks.
Vintage FET: Smooth and warm. Vintage version of the Studio FET. Great for R&B vocals.
Vintage OPTO: Smooth. Vintage tube sound. Soft, warm and less aggressive character.

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