Mixing with SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 + Drumstrip (Tutorial Series)

While SSL is known for their legendary analog hardware used on countless hit recordings, they’ve more recently updated their complete line of SSL Native software mixing plugins. I’ve always loved mixing on SSL consoles and these plugins sound and look every bit as qualified to carry the Solid State Logic name.

At the 2020 NAMM show, SSL has also just announced 2 budget-friendly audio interfaces (SSL 2 and SSL 2+), which aim to bring the trusted sonic characteristics of their analog consoles to a new generation of studio musicians and engineers on the go. Enhancing the package, both new interfaces come bundled with Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plugins from the SSL Native plugin collection.

Check out these 2 new tutorials videos to hear the new and improved SSL Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plugins in action 🎚🎛

Mixing Vocals and Rap with Vocalstrip 2

Quickly dial in a professional tone for your rap vocal performances utilizing the Compander, De-Esser, and signature SSL top end EQ boost.


Mixing Impactful Drums with Drumstrip

Take your drum and percussion sounds to the next level with the Transient Shaper, Low Frequency Enhancer and High Frequency Enhancer.

Looking for more tutorials using SSL Native plugins? Check out these videos featuring SSL Native Bus Compressor and X-Saturator.

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