8oh!8 Bass Presets Now Available

8oh!8 Now Available

8oh!8 uses Serum’s cutting-edge oscillators which are carefully mixed with kick drum “transients”. This blend creates seamless bass / kick combinations and endless customization for your productions. You have precise control over the most important aspects of your 808 bass: the kick (attack), the sub (tail) and the bending or “glide” with a one-of-a-kind style. Uniquely playable mixed 808s are now at your fingertips, made possible with Serum’s effects, mod routings and advanced synth engine.

Included in this preset collection, you’ll find earth-shaking basses, punchy kicks that cut through any mix, wide sub basses, futuristic low-end sounds and much more. All presets are mixed and production ready, utilizing Serum’s world-class effects, modulation and performance settings. 8oh!8 was designed to make using 808s easier, more fun and with distinction!

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