Interview: Soundiron x Sean Divine

Interview with Soundiron Podcast

In this episode Craig & Nathan chat with Sean Divine, who specializes in music production, mixing & mastering, sound design and education in the audio community. Sean has a large online audience and makes great videos on plugins like Ozone, Waves, soft synths, vocal chains, microphone noise, and mixing beats. Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation on making educational content, getting new clients, working when inspired, the Youtube algorithm, trying new genres, and more.

Podcast notes:
* (0:00) Introducing Sean Divine
* (0:32) Starting Youtube
* (3:20) Learning production chops
* (5:46) Learning music, playing drums
* (10:24) Typical day in the life
* (14:33) How much time spent on client work vs YT?
* (16:23) Posting when inspired
* (21:02) Flatulus
* (23:18) YT algorithm boxes you in
* (26:03) YT shorts?
* (27:34) Youtube growth over years
* (32:01) Taking on new client work
* (34:27) Genre strengths?
* (36:33) Personal project you’re excited about?
* (37:43) Monitors or headphones?
* (42:11) Advice to people starting out in mixing?
* (43:29) How did you get your first clients?
* (46:54) Hobbies/interests outside of music?
* (47:37) Net positive working in public?
* (48:50) What sound design do you do?
* (50:47) Favorite go-to synth?
* (53:05) Axe Machina
* (53:33) Best advice you’ve ever been given?
* (55:28) Best recent purchase under $100?
* (56:14) First plugins to get started with mastering?
* (58:29) Software updates
* (1:00:48) TV show/podcast you’ve been enjoying?
* (1:04:18) Your goals for the next few years? What’s next?

Soundiron is a premium developer of virtual instruments and sample libraries for songwriters, composers and sound designers. They are a team of programmers, engineers, composers and instrumentalists passionate about building beautiful-sounding instrument plugins that are inspiring to play. Whether you’re new to music production or a seasoned pro in the film, television, advertising, video game, or music recording industries, They’ve got you covered. Soundiron serves the best and brightest composers and artists in film & media today.

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