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Mixing Hip Hop Vocals – Using A DeEsser for Sibilance

One of the most prevalent issues I hear when mixing vocals is harsh, sibilant recordings. This can be especially noticeable within Hip Hop and Rap style vocals because we’re usually compressing the verse audio heavily, which can make these unpleasant sounds more obvious. There are many different ways to correct this problem.

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Mastering R&B Like A Pro

By request: Here is a new tutorial on how to master your song, in this case an R&B track from an album I worked on w/ Trap and Soul elements. I am using the RME UFX for my metering but as I mention in the video, you just need a plugin or meter that will …

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Top 10 Compressor Plugins for Hip Hop Vocals

So, you have a nice Hip Hop vocal recording and now it’s time to start mixing! The most important aspect of the Hip Hop vocal is that it is easily heard, balanced and blended with the instrumental. This is achieved in large part by proper use of compression and when coupled with effects like EQ …

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