Pop R&B Vocal Chain Design – Free Tutorial Series

In this tutorial series, we’re designing a male pop r&b vocal chain from scratch, start to finish, using only Waves plugins and the free Studio Rack utility. We’ll cover proven vocal mixing plugins for a polished sound, as well as new techniques that are unique to this vocal style!

Part 1: Saturation with a software preamp, taming harsh frequencies with active EQ and serial compression!

Part 2: Adding sheen with vintage tube EQ, using Sibilance for deessing, adding the perfect vocal reverb, spatial delay and finishing touches to make your vocal POP!

Download the Completed Pop R&B Vocal Chain Preset
Load with Waves Studio RackWaves Platinum Bundle + Waves F6 required

Installation: Load Studio Rack as a stereo insert on your vocal track or aux channel. Click “Load” + “Open Preset File” from the top left menu in Studio Rack. Locate the vocal chain preset file downloaded below (reverb and delay presets are loaded with R-Verb and H-Delay).

Custom Vocal Presets for Waves StudioRack

Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V2 Box - Vocal Presets for Waves Studio Rack

Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V2 – Click to Purchase

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  1. Hi Sean intuitive vids as always can’t seem to locate where to download the presets can you assist.

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