Pop R&B Vocal Chain Design – Free Tutorial Series

In this tutorial series, we’re designing a male pop r&b vocal chain from scratch, start to finish, using only Waves plugins and the free Studio Rack utility. We’ll cover proven vocal mixing plugins for a polished sound, as well as new techniques that are unique to this vocal style!

Part 1: Saturation with a software preamp, taming harsh frequencies with active EQ and serial compression!

Part 2: Adding sheen with vintage tube EQ, using Sibilance for deessing, adding the perfect vocal reverb, spatial delay and finishing touches to make your vocal POP!

Download the Completed Pop R&B Vocal Chain Preset
Load with Waves Studio RackWaves Platinum Bundle + Waves F6 required

Installation: Load Studio Rack as a stereo insert on your vocal track or aux channel. Click “Load” + “Open Preset File” from the top left menu in Studio Rack. Locate the vocal chain preset file downloaded below (reverb and delay presets are loaded with R-Verb and H-Delay).

Free Download

Custom Vocal Presets for Waves StudioRack

Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V2 Box - Vocal Presets for Waves Studio Rack

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13 Responses to “Pop R&B Vocal Chain Design – Free Tutorial Series”

  1. Hi Sean intuitive vids as always can’t seem to locate where to download the presets can you assist.

    • Hello bro your doing a great job God bless you. Wish to see you
      Ronie Angel mixing engineer from Nairobi Kenya

  2. f6 RTA won’t appear on my studio rack however is working on the daw. is the way to make it appear in the studio rack. and what other alternative is the for the saturation plug-in? currently, I’m using the j37

  3. Sean im from the solomons islands in the pacific. Bro i love all your tutorials amd i down loaded them all from youtube. You always day to day my techer. So clear was your tutorials and lesson. Btw love your studio rack setup. I have allthe waves but now seeing the tutorilas im now fully understand hows the waves plugins works. Bro blessed you for all these. Keep up and im following bro you are such an amazing teacher.😍😍😍👊👊👊👊

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