Top 7 Free Mixing Plugins For Audio Engineers

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1. Xfer Records – OTT

What It Is: Multiband Upwards / Downwards Compressor
Best Uses: Drum compression, aggressive synth and vocal processing

2. Izotope – Vinyl

What It Is: Turntable Simulator and Lo-fi Processor
Best Uses: Sample emulation, “retro” processing

3. Ohm Force – Frohmage

What It Is: Multiband Resonant Filter
Best Uses: Extreme filtering, creative frequency sweeps

4. Valhalla DSP – Space Modulator

What It Is: Flanger / Detuner
Best Uses: Synth effects, one-shot drum processing

5. Camel Audio – Crusher

What It Is: Distortion / Saturation Plugin
Best Uses: Aggressive 808 processing, drum loops, subtle vocal saturation

6. TOGU Audio Line – TAL Reverb II

What It Is: Reverb Plugin
Best Uses: Large vocal spaces

7. Flux – BitterSweet

What It Is: Transient Processor
Best Uses: Piano attack shaping, drum transients

27 Responses to “Top 7 Free Mixing Plugins For Audio Engineers”

  1. Sean I’m starting out with mixing please advice with plugins i need to us , I’m using cubase 5

  2. hi sean thank u so much for this gift
    so just download the plug ins then installed but cant find anywhere in logic
    would u pls give me a lil help where to find the plug in thx much appreciate ;p

  3. Sean estou aqui no Brasil, vendo teus videos, baixando teus plugins e aprendendo…. muito top mano
    meus parabens….

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