Soundtoys Sie-Q Review and Demo

I recently received an email saying there was an update to my Soundtoys bundle. Oh and by the way, there’s also a brand new EQ plugin included free of charge – the Sie-Q.

Not only is it currently free, it sounds incredible. I was so impressed by the sound of this EQ that I wanted to do a review / demo to share it’s capabilities with you all. You can get it absolutely free until October 13th, 2016. Happy Mixing!

From Soundtoys: “In our quest to capture unique tones and colors from the world of hardware, we dug deep into the Soundtoys gear museum and found a little known gem: the Siemens W295b. It impressed us so much that it became the inspiration for our first EQ. Sie-Q faithfully captures the hardware’s smooth curves, airy highs and ease of use, allowing you to get the tone you want fast, without a lot of hassle.”


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