Mixing R&B Vocals With Logic Pro Stock Plugins

In this video, I’ll show you how to use the stock plugins in Logic Pro for Mixing R&B Vocals. One of the more difficult issues to fix for beginner mixers is harsh, sibilant vocals. Logic Pro does not have the best DeEsser plugin for this purpose. Luckily, I will show you a solution in this video where we will use the sidechain option on the stock Compressor plugin. Using this setup, you can dial in a setting to tame specific, problematic frequencies in your vocal recordings.

Mixing R&B Vocals In Logic Pro

Download the Logic Pro Vocal Effects Chain Preset for use in your own sessions.
To install the preset, move the .cst file to this folder:
Users/YOURCOMPUTERNAME/Music/Audio Music Apps/Channel Strip Settings/Bus

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27 Responses to “Mixing R&B Vocals With Logic Pro Stock Plugins”

  1. Hi Sean. I just ran through your video. Fascinating how I learnt so much. Changed my workflow. Been looking on how to change my vocal mixing. I downloaded and installed. Where in Logic do I find these presets now after I put it in the bus

    • same. I think its because its not a audio plugin file. its a freakin (.cst) which is some type of digital drawing/canvas file , I don’t even know why its on there but . C’mon Sean we need the preset man lol

      • It’s a cst file (channel strip setting) and it’s loaded on a bus or aux channel. The instructions on where to install it are at the bottom of the post.

    • You need to create an aux track and bus your vocals to that. Then you can load the preset on the aux track after you’ve installed to the location I listed in the post.

  2. I’m from Africa Namibia, I love your tutorials a lot thank you so much. do you have a tutorial on how to use buses…? I’m kinda new to logic pro x..

  3. This was an awesome tutorial. Do you have a mixing template in logic for RnB? Template One is strictly for Hip Hop, right?

  4. Hi Sean

    Great rnb preset however i am struggling with loading the CST.
    I have copied the CST to /Users/yourcomputername/Music/Audio Music Apps/Channel Strip Settings/Bus
    How do we
    1. create an aux track and bus the vocals to that.
    2. load the preset from the above location on the aux track

    Please provide written instructions or a short video.

    Thanks in advance

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