Mixing R&B Vocals With Logic Pro Stock Plugins

In this video, I’ll show you how to use the stock plugins in Logic Pro for Mixing R&B Vocals. One of the more difficult issues to fix for beginner mixers is harsh, sibilant vocals. Logic Pro does not have the best DeEsser plugin for this purpose. Luckily, I will show you a solution in this video where we will use the sidechain option on the stock Compressor plugin. Using this setup, you can dial in a setting to tame specific, problematic frequencies in your vocal recordings.

Mixing R&B Vocals In Logic Pro

Download the Logic Pro Vocal Effects Chain Preset for use in your own sessions.
To install the preset, move the .cst file to this folder:
Users/YOURCOMPUTERNAME/Music/Audio Music Apps/Channel Strip Settings/Bus

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  1. Hi Sean. I just ran through your video. Fascinating how I learnt so much. Changed my workflow. Been looking on how to change my vocal mixing. I downloaded and installed. Where in Logic do I find these presets now after I put it in the bus

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