Objeq Delay – Acoustic Filter and Delay Plugin

Excited to share the recent release of the Objeq Delay acoustic filter and delay plug-in by Applied Acoustic Systems!

I was fortunate enough to use this plugin during the development cycle and it truly does sound fantastic. At first, I wondered why I would need another delay plugin in my toolbox but quickly found out that Objeq is not your average delay plugin. I’ve been using it in both my production and mixing sessions with amazing results.

The sound shaping capabilities range from one-of-a-kind delay effects and echos to modulators, drone sounds, loop manglers, drum enhancers and more. The factory library contains presets from Richard Devine, Eric Thibeault, David Kristian, Kenny Moran, Gregory Simpson, Benoit Charland and myself. Check out the production demo with a vocal from songwriter Ami Kim…

Objeq Delay Production Demo

Download Demo

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