Divine Mastering Chains Now Available

Divine Mastering Chains is an exclusive collection of versatile mastering presets, utilizing industry-standard Waves Gold plugins. These stereo bus processing chains are carefully crafted to help finalize songs quickly, easily and with precision.

Divine Mastering Chains will help you:
Achieve commercial levels while retaining dynamics
Enhance and add excitement to flat mixes
Identify and tame problematic frequencies
Optimize the stereo field
Adhere to loudness standards like True Peak

Divine Mastering Chains (Demo)

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3 Responses to “Divine Mastering Chains Now Available”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Was not sure you got my question. In Mastering Chain are the setting already set? Do I need to do any adjusting. Can I use this in Pro Tools. I’m new to this.


  2. Hi, Sean,
    Do you have a plug-in chain for
    Recording accoustic guitar and other instruments that l can
    Love your vocal chain pack,
    Well done.
    Cheers Steve.

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