Top 10 Audio Plugins You Should Know About

In case these top 10 plugins for VST/AU slipped under your radar, your owe it to yourself (and your music) to check them out!

Mathew Lane – DrMS Spatial Processor $125

This is one of the more useful plugins for stereo imaging and mid/side processing I’ve come across. The UI is a bit confusing at first but once you find your way around it, it will cure many problematic mix elements.


XFER Records – Nerve Drum Machine $199

I ran across a lot of bugs when I first got a hold of this from XFER Records, a small operation led by Steve Duda. It seems to be getting more stable as time goes on. In terms of features and functionality, this is one of my favorite drum machines.


Kjaerhus Audio – Classic Series Plugin Bundle FREE

Unfortunately, this one is Windows compatible only and no longer supported. However, you can still pick up the installer package free and these plugins are pure quality. The delay and mastering limiter especially match up to some of the best in the business.


McDSP Analog Channel Vintage Processor $149

This is included amongst what I call the “fairy dust” plugins. What it does is very subtle and it’s a very feature simple plugin. But the fact is, it does add that little extra smoothness and “analog” magic to the top end of your mix.


Ohm Force Ohmicide Distortion Unit $132

Hands down, the best distortion plugin on the market. You can use this for subtle saturation or to completely mangle your sounds and even vocals.


GForce ImpOSCar 2 Synthesizer $185

A capable soft synth with an amazing arpeggiator and a uniquely “analog” sound that’s modeled after it’s vintage hardware version, the OSCar.


Sugar Bytes – Effectrix Effects Processor $129

A completely customizable, creative effects unit for DJ style stutters, tape stops and so much more with 14 different effects controllable via a step sequencer.


TOGU Audio Line – U-NO-LX Synth $60

A great emulation of the vintage analog Juno-106 synthesizer. Check out TOGU’s other plugins as well (their free reverbs are nice too).


Valhalla DSP – Valhalla Vintage Verb $50

This is one of the best sounding reverbs out there and it’s priced much lower than any of it’s competition. This one is perfect for super huge “washy” reverb sounds and warm spaces.


XFER – LFO Tool $50

Another useful plugin from XFER that lets you create tremolo, auto-pan, trance-gate, side-chain compressor simulation, and dubstep-type wobble effects with minimal effort. Use this one if you want to create unique side chain compression effects.


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