22 Responses to “Mixing Hip Hop Vocals with Stock Plugins”

  1. Hi Sean I could not find the link to the session download, Hip hop vocals with stock plug ins. can´t see what it is that I´m missing,could you please advise.

  2. Hey I LIKED the Twitter and it still didn’t unlock the content. Can you email me this session?

  3. Forever Young Reply

    Great video and very helpful! Thanks for the tips! Ive watched a few of your videos and theyve been great! Keep em comin!

  4. Sweet! great tutorial! Just wanted to see how good the stock plug-ins are since i use third party ones, and this really opened my eyes up a shit ton. and thanks so much for the download file! for anyone who cant get the download….just click the twitter and exit out the screen, you dont even have to follow cause i dont have a twitter at all, and your download will start. Im using google chrome for this but itll be the same in any browser. hope that helps anyone whos had trouble (:

  5. Alex aka..Tbizzle... Reply

    really do enjoy your work. Have my own song that i am producing and Rapping on..it’s funny and sexual song.i am learning how to mix my track and vocals…and learning from your tutorials..thanks…

  6. so Ive tried recording on those preset but its a bad delay when recording was do I do to fix that

    • Hi Robert, these are designed for mixing (not recording) as some of the plugins will cause delay when tracking. You could try reducing your audio buffer size to 256 or below.

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