Waves V11 / StudioRack Compatibility Update

As many of you may be aware, Waves recently announced the Version 11 update for all plugins. V11 plugins are not currently working inside StudioRack

Instructions for using StudioRack with V11 Licenses:

If you want to use your purchased plugins inside StudioRack (as long as it isn’t a brand new plugin that simply does not exist in V10) – you should activate the V11 license of the plugin (in Waves Central’s “Licenses” page), but then install the V10 software version of the plugin (in Waves Central’s “Install Products” page). This works, because V11 Licenses can be used to activate either V10 or V11 software. If a StudioRack user wants to buy a plugin now – whether it’s a brand new release, or an older plugin but a new purchase – the license will be V11.

This way, you will be able to use purchased plugins inside StudioRack (again – as long as the plugin is not a brand new product, released after October 28, 2019).

You can find the legacy installers for Waves V10 plugins here.

Waves has stated that a StudioRack update is in the works and that it will be fully compatible with V11 plugins, although there is currently no ETA. Please see the Official V11 FAQ for more information before updating. I encourage StudioRack users with specific questions/concerns to contact Waves support.

Thanks for your patience and understanding – I’ll share more information as it becomes available and all updates will be posted on this page.

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