Top 10 Plugin Instruments For Producers

1. Xfer Records – Serum

Serum is a relatively new player in the software synthesizer world but it’s already making a strong case as one of the best available. With an amazing tone and versatile sound shaping tools, this one is sure to land in your latest productions. Also check out my latest preset collection, “Urban Dreamscapes” for proof that Serum is capable of far more than just outrageous Dubstep wobbles.

2. Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere is the self-proclaimed “Power Synth” and for good reason. It boasts a massive sample library, versatile synthesis, an incredibly deep effects section and an amazing interface. This one can take years to explore and opens the door to infinite sound design possibilities.

3. Native Instruments – Kontakt

The must have plugin for third-party sample libraries. If you’re looking for incredibly detailed acoustic instruments and samples you can’t afford to record yourself, pick this one up and start researching all of the incredible libraries available.

4. Xfer Records – Nerve

Nerve is a drum machine that deserves more attention. It’s an amazing loop and groove plugin, not to mention it’s a powerful tool for programming drums and designing new sounds using it’s impressive effects section. If you’re not an FL Studio user and need something to handle loops in your production, this is definitely worth a look.

5. ReFX – Nexus 2

The definitive “Rompler” on the market. Nexus ships with an impressive sample library and is unique in allowing the user to edit and tweak sounds similarly to the workflow of an actual synthesizer. However, if you’re buying Nexus, you’re in need of inspiring sounds that need little to no tweaking and are production ready. Through it’s relatively expensive “expansions” you can cover a broad spectrum of sounds, everything from modern EDM to professionally recorded orchestral libraries.

6. Native Instruments – Battery 4

If you’re looking for an easy to use, feature packed drum machine, Battery has you covered. It comes with a healthy factory library of ready to use drum samples and if you need to edit, sequence and layer your own samples, it’s amongst the best available.

7. Korg – Legacy Collection

This plugin collection has been around for ages and Korg will typically have it priced ridiculously low. That said, it’s one of the best sounding digital synths and will give you a huge pallette of vintage and modern Korg tones at your disposal.

8. Applied Acoustics Systems – Ultra Analog VA-2

Ultra Analog is one of the most authentic sounding “analog” synth plugins on the market. It fits well in the mix, is incredibly light on CPU and it will only take up 70MB of hard drive space. Check out my two commercial libraries “Reverence” and “Low End Theory” to get a taste for what this must have synth is capable of.

9. Native Instruments – Massive

Another plugin that has been around the block for over a decade but still shows no signs of aging. There are TONS of presets (both free and commercial) available so you can have access to an insane amount of sounds with this synth. It’s capable of all types of tones from vintage to modern dubstep and EDM.

10. Izotope – Breaktweaker

Breaktweaker is a unique beast of a drum machine, developed by famed electronic producer BT, in collaboration with Izotope. It’s capable of producing cutting edge drum sounds and rhythmic loops using micro editing technology that is not available anywhere else.

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