Divine Mastering Chains – Installation & FAQ

Installation and Required Plugins

Divine Mastering Chains requires Waves Gold with valid licenses. You can install the latest versions from Waves Central.

Please see the included text file with your download containing detailed instructions for installation in Logic Pro X, Cubase Pro and Studio Rack.
Divine Mastering Chains - Help Screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Mixes sound distorted or over-compressed when processing with Divine Mastering Chains. What's the issue?
For optimal results and consistency when processing your finished mix with Divine Mastering Chains, mix levels should not exceed -6dB True Peak. Ensure that your final mixes include enough headroom before processing.
+ I have installed the required plugins. Why are they showing Disabled in Studio Rack?
Make sure that all Waves plugins have been scanned and validated for use in your DAW. You may need to rescan all Waves plugins for them to show up in StudioRack. Here are the steps to do so in various DAWs:

Logic Pro X
Pro Tools
Studio One
FL Studio
Ableton Live

If individual Waves plugins are loading but are showing “disabled” in Studio Rack: follow these steps to rescan the StudioRack module and plugins.