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+ L8ly

I’ve been going through it lately
Testing my patience, this world wants to break me down
Some of you seeking, I’m giving
Fruits of the labor, y’all flexing I’m living aloud
Aging like fine wine I’m counting these pennies
Place the highest value on my time
Try to be a son of the most of the high
Reflect brightness and contrasting low vibes to the death
Lack of balance and not enough rest
Doubt take me through the fire, I woke up in cold sweats
She whispers I equate to nothing
But we all know you’re up to something
Cause my soul stays heavy like the D-line
Place my worth up above, never anchored to your love or acceptance
Even when I get quite reckless
Ahh, I made it through the darkness, thank heavens

Pour my soul out into every word I share with you
Had to find out that some people never want the truth
Oh no, I stay buried in your love most lately
All the times you had my back when I was fading

The sun is shining poking through the clouds
If you didn’t get it last time, the time is now
I switched up my flow never worried about the dough
Cause the intention is worth way much more
I get it how I live it
I let my ego go for a trip, no return
Success measured by surface views, I let you discern
Between the buried and me is something you can’t see or imagine but you know it’s there
Like the goosebumps on the back of my neck while I rap this verse
Or the times I forgot how I was raised, nearly landed in a hearse
With my loved ones crying endlessly
I was a lost soul and you might be too
I hope you see there’s something greater than me and you
Together we can find a light promote it, let it shine bright
Take over the doubts never fall victim to fears
Overthrow darkness, bloody tears

Some want to see a man’s downfall
They won’t tell you like it is
While they’re sitting on the sidelines
And you’re out getting your wins

Fear will make a man paralyzed
Locked up in a box like a TV telling lies
Folks get led astray before they even realize
Woke up too late in the game
Now my life flashed before my eyes now
My life flashed before my eyes

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Sean Divine
© 2018 Divine Tracks

4 Responses to ““L8ly” Now Available on All Digital Platforms”

  1. Tayfun Kayaharman Reply

    Hey Sean,

    just watched your Video ’bout mixing Rap Vocals and loved the first part you took as the mixing vocal. I listen to the song right now on Spotify…. wow! Really nice song bro. Keep on going!

    From Germany


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