Divine Mixing Waves Template Now Available

Divine Mixing Waves Template is an all-new, customized mixing template using only Waves* plugins, designed for use with 3 of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations on the market: Logic Pro X, Cubase and Pro Tools. Waves Template was crafted by mixing and mastering an actual Hip Hop and R&B session from scratch.

Waves Template is the result of Sean answering the demand from his students wanting a template that most closely resembles his own mixing chains. As a longtime Waves user, Sean gives you a complete session template with over 50 custom plugin settings, precise leveling, reference notes and 4 vocal chains that have been fine-tuned to give you amazing starting points for a wide variety of recordings. Get full access to and learn from Sean’s settings, mixing workflow and routing options for your DAW with the industry-standard sound of Waves plugins.

Divine Mixing Waves Template (Demo)

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*This product is not endorsed or supported by Waves Audio Ltd. and all trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

**This template does not include audio content.

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  1. Please send me a Travis scott template or something..I’m on protools..can’t get that fire sound..but I have waves gold

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