Divine Mixing S1 – Video Training Course

Complete Video Training Course – Hip Hop Mixing

Divine Mixing is a one-of-a-kind instructional video series covering all aspects of the mixing and mastering process. Sean Divine will teach you within the context of a real session by real artists. You’ll get an inside look at the plugins, settings, thought processes and creative choices as we completely reconstruct a mix and master for a Hip Hop / R&B song from scratch.

This 16 video course is a deep dive that’s taught in an organized, easy to follow manner. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate engineer, you’ll learn techniques and essential processes in just over 2 hours that most studio engineers spend years developing! Taking the learning process a step further, the Deluxe version includes the actual session template** used in the course. Get ready to take your mixing and mastering to the next level.

Course Topics Included
Instrumental Leveling – Vocal Compression – Hip Hop Vocal Effects – 808 Processing – R&B Vocal Mixing – Automation – Limiting – DeEssing – Instrumental Effects – Bus Compression – Mixing Hip Hop Adlibs – Reverb – Delay – Vocal Harmony Processing – Panning – Stereo Width – Metering – Mastering – Side Chain Compression – Equalization – And Much More

The Soundtrack
Itty Ft. WxNDER y – “Seasons”

16 In-Depth Tutorial Videos
Over 2 Hours of Training

Sean Divine - Divine Mixing Session 1 (Contents)

Note: This course is taught using Logic Pro X and uses third party plugins.
**Deluxe version template does not include audio content.
Product Info

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Session Style: Hip Hop & RNB
Session Song: Jonathan Long Ft. WxNDER y – “Seasons”
# of Course Videos: 16
Total Runtime: 2 Hours and 15 Minutes
Download Size: 2.8 GB
Download Format: MPEG-4 Movie (1920 x 1080 HD)
Course Plugin List (Not Included): Download
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