The Niche Kit – Creative Drum and Loop Kit


Introducing The Niche Kit.
Creative Drum Sounds and Loops For Instant Inspiration.

The Niche Kit is a brand new collection of custom crafted sounds and loops by Sean Divine. The process to assemble these sounds included multiple studio sessions tracking acoustic drum kits and one-of-a-kind instruments. There were also over 30 field recording sessions capturing diverse sound sources. All sounds were meticulously processed, mixed and production tested. The result is an innovative pack that is sure to inspire your new beats and productions.

Included in this pack are massive kick drums, crispy snares, heavily layered claps, one-of-a-kind percussion sounds and FX, live acoustic hi hats, earth rattling 808s, vox stabs, complete drum loops and 10 melodic “starter loops” to get your creative juices flowing.

Sources Recorded Exclusively for The Niche Kit Include:
Multiple Acoustic Drum Kits – 13″ Maple Snare Drum – Woodworking Band Saws – Paint Cans – Buckets – Guitar Amplified 808 Samples – Socket Wrenches – Pots and Pans – A Custom Hi Hat Cymbals – Jaguar Electric Guitar – Summer Cicadas – Can Openers – Custom Chromaphone Samples – Creaky Deck Floors – Vintage Synthesizers – And Much More


Product Info
Download Size: 128 MB
Format: Digital Download (24-bit 44K WAV)
Style: Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Electronic, Rock
100% Royalty Free (Fair Use)
100% Compatible w/ Any DAW or Sampler

Customer Reviews

“Great loops always give me a boost of inspiration when working on tracks, and Sean’s new Niche kit has some of the BEST loops I’ve found. From eclectic percussion loops that feature live recordings, processed buckets and pots & pans, to great melodic starter loops with guitar and synth lines. Apart from the loops, the Niche kit features a unique blend of high quality one shot samples that pair nicely with the loops. They really cut through everything else and are extremely present without having to do any additional processing. This kit is a must buy.”

Jehf Slaps

“The Niche Kit is a great sample pack by Sean Divine. Loving the vibe!”

Karl Sjöholm
Producer, Mix Engineer