Vintage Groove Templates (Logic Pro X)

Vintage Groove Templates – Custom Quantize for Logic Pro X

Are you tired of the gridlocked, boring quantize feel in Logic Pro? I’ve compiled a template that contains quantize settings based on some of the best feeling drum machines in the world: the MPC3000, SP-1200 and ASR-10.
Classic Drum Machine Vintage Groove Templates - Logic Pro X - MPC3000, SP-1200, ASR-10
These vintage groove templates will give your drum and percussion lines serious bounce and swing. Check out the video below and I’ll show you how to use custom groove templates and what these classic quantize feels sound like!

25 Responses to “Vintage Groove Templates (Logic Pro X)”

  1. jOhn dUarte

    Sean, You are a BEAST!!!
    Thanks for all your vids, You RULE!!!
    ~jOhn dUarte

  2. Quintin Johnson

    I’ve just recently started watching your YouTube channel and i have actually learned a lot in a short period of time about mixing. Keep up the good work!

  3. jocelyn mathieu

    Hey Sean.
    Nice video, as usual. I’m a singer/producer from Paris, France who did not transitioned to pro X yet (feel very comfortable with pro 9 still). Would you have those vintage groove templates for pro 9? thank you.

  4. Hey Sean, love the videos. Been watching for a while now. Whenever i use this template, i get an alert that states “Instrument “Fireface UFX Port 1” sends to a MIDI port named “Port 1” of Midi Interface “Fireface UFX” which no longer exists.”

    Any idea on how to adjust my settings so it doesn’t pop up every time? Like– how to adjust the instruments MIDI out port setting that doesn’t even exist?

    Sorry for long comment, you da best. Thanks for everything man.

  5. HI Sean ! Thank you for your so much needed groove templates you compiled for downloading really inspiring!!
    I did all of the necessary procedures you instructed to do and saved your template to my startup arrangement ! all good and works perfectly ! But i found when working on a project and i save a copy as a backup for example ( Iv been working on Arr1 and i decided to save a copy of the existing project and rename it Arr2 ( as its progressed ) whenever i go to the groove section in the inspector your grooves and showing they are Empty and disappear!
    Do you have any Idea why this is and can you please help me out ! As I’M having to start from a new SD Template and import all of my Parts and initiate and new project from Template ! Please Please help me Out if you Can Regards ! Marino

    • Hi Marino, I’ve tested this in Logic Pro X 10.3.2. The quantize settings are showing up when performing a “save as” based off the groove template. You may need to update your version of Logic Pro X.

  6. I love and enjoy your videos, thanks for all the help. I learned more about mixing and I sure I improved. I just download the vintage groove templates, but it not opening in my logic pro x, it tells me that “The operation could not be completed”. what should I do? am using logic v10.4.0

    Thank you

  7. Hi Sean,
    I really appreciate all the work you share with your videos. They have been so helpful to me.
    I am quite interested in downloading and trying the Vintage Groove Template, but, like others here, I have had zero luck being able to access. I have followed you on twitter, unfollowed, refollowed etc while using every available browser, non-private, accepting cookies, no adblocks etc and still the content remains locked. Is it possible that your downloads could be made available by another means?


  8. hi Sean, thank you for the mpc templates.
    they are most appreciated. i am new to logic and i am starting to understand the programme but a complete novice to beat making music production, so to speak. would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction of creating my music. i really like the professional way you work/teach, i know sound designing takes years to understand not just overnight. Please could you teach me the beginners way of making beats? the way you did when you began, so i don’t go wrong or go round the houses so to speak as i have a tendency to do!
    kind regards

  9. Jimmy Diamond

    Hi Sean.

    First of all many thanks for sharing these it’s very selfless of you & much appreciated.

    Im having a slight problem in using the groove templates the way I’d like to.

    It seems that once I have saved them {either via the quantise menu or via file menu>import> other as instructed on the apple website} they aren’t available on existing projects or if I start a new project.

    I’m currently using on a college computer (haven’t got my own setup atm) so I can’t create an autoload & Im not sure that exists on pro anyway.

    Kinda need them for an assignment due next week.

    Please, any assistance would be greatly received.

    Many thanks bro.

    • Hi Jimmy, you must save the project as a template to use throughout new projects. As far as I know, you can’t import the templates into existing projects without the original groove data

  10. hi – these templates are amazing, but I can’t seem to get them into an existing project. is it possible to do this or do I have to use your template from the get go (from the time I start recording in a new project)? thanks so much for your assistance in this! 🙂 Sol

  11. Hey Sean, amazing thank you.
    Can you tell me how you’ve managed to save them into a template?
    I’m trying to save my own grooves, but Logic doesn’t remember them properly